Go for a walk through Founder’s Garden

When you pass through our entrance portal you can’t help but sense the history of Founder’s Garden with its numerous buildings from the zoo’s early years. Here, you will see the handwriting of Ernst Pinkert, who laid the first stone of our zoological garden back in 1878.

Our historical ensemble of buildings comprises of the Explorers’ House Ark, the Koala house and the Aquarium (currently under renovation) with its adjacent Terrarium.

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Golden lion tamarin

A lively welcoming committee

After passing through the zoo entrance you will be greeted by the welcoming committee of the Monkey Isles, comprising of the rare golden lion tamarins, coppery titi monkeys and bearded emperor tamarins.

Plunge into fascinating underwater worlds

From 2019 to 2021 our aquarium was elaborately refurbished. In the salt water pools of the circular building you will find colourful symbiotic communities from various tropical seas. The 360˚ panorama tank on the upper floor is particularly impressive, which is home to hammerhead sharks and cownose rays. The historical part of the aquarium mainly shows tropical freshwater fish with the highlight being a gigantic panorama tank with an 11m curved transparent panel overhead.


[Translate to English:] Koala sitzt auf einem Ast im Koala-Haus
[Translate to English:] Gebäude Koala-Haus von außen

Cuddly marsupials in the koala house

The koala house is a very special attraction that opened in 2016. The former ape house built in 1901 went through a complex renovation process so that we could keep these koalas. The environment inside the building attempts to resemble the eucalyptus forest found in the koala’s natural habitat. Our solitary koalas have two separate areas.

budgerigar oasis

An oasis for budgerigars

Directly opposite the koala house you can come into close contact with a chatter of bubbly budgerigars! A path takes you straight through the aviary of these social Australian birds.

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A multi-media species conservation experience in the Ark Discovery House

From a historical big cats house in the early 20th century to an education centre in the 21st century. In the Ark Discovery House you can look forward to a unique multi-media experience that makes species conservation and sustainability more graphic than ever before. 

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