South America − Visit a continent full of adventure

Set off on your expedition from the restaurant Hacienda Las Casas (an Art Nouveau building restored in its original style) through the wild and rugged South of South America. Here you can experience the landscapes of the Pantanal, the Pampas and Patagonia as well as the flamingo lagoon with many fascinating species.

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[Translate to English:] Lama-Trio mit Sancho, Flax und Krümel

Our llama trio

Sancho, Flax and Krümel are the names of the three male studs of the welcoming committee that you will come across at the entrance to our new theme world South America.

The Pantanal, the Pampas and Patagonia

In Gondwanaland you get an impression of tropical South America, whereas here you can wander through the South of the continent. Discover the landscapes: the Pampas, the Pantanal and Patagonia where you will come across giant anteaters, maned wolves, guanacos, lesser rheas and the rare Chacoan peccaries. Look forward to the completion of Tierra del Fuego over the next few years that will complete this theme world.

[Translate to English:] Blick auf die Flamingolagune mit Chileflamingos und Roten Sichlern
[Translate to English:] Chileflamingos in der Flamingolagune
[Translate to English:] Fliegender Roter Sichler in der Flamingolagune
[Translate to English:] Landender Rosa Löffler in der Flamingolagune und Chileflamingos

A gabbling gathering in pale pink

A long wooden walkway will take you through the 1500 m² flamingo lagoon, which is covered by a gigantic net that spans the lagoon 10m off the ground. The lagoon is home to some 120 flamingos in cohabitation with spoonbills, ibises and various ducks.

This will be ...

Tierra del Fuego to complete Leipzig’s South America

At the southern tip of Leipzig’s South American landscape a spectacular aquatic habitat will be opened for seals and penguins. A wave machine recreates a feeling of the sea and keeps the animals occupied. Visitors walk down from the penguins to the seals through an underwater viewing tunnel to experience the animals as if they were on a diving excursion.

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