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To make your visit to Zoo Leipzig an unforgettable experience, find out everything you need to know about your visit here. Where can you get your tickets? Where can you park? When and where are the feeding times? Find out now so that you can relax on the day of your visit.

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Familie und Zoolotse stehen an einem Gehege der Erlebniswelt Südamerika

See the zoo from another perspective

Do you fancy getting even more out of your visit? Why not go on an exploration tour in Zoo Leipzig with our experienced zoo guides? Whether it is a tour for novices, an exclusive glimpse at the settings or an evening tour to see nocturnal animals – our zoo tours will open your eyes to something special in Zoo Leipzig.


Exploration tours
kiwara-lodge and kiwara savannah

Delicious food in all of our theme worlds

All that adventure makes you feel hungry! That’s why you are spoilt for choice in every theme world with our culinary delights and sparkling refreshments. Enjoy a break, below the palm trees, with a view of the savannah or in the tropics – depending on your taste.

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