Zoo regulations

Please pay attention to these zoo regulations! We ask you to inform any children for whom you are responsible about the zoo regulations before you start your tour of the zoo. We urgently ask you to take your role of supervising children seriously in order to prevent any unnecessary accidents or damages etc. from the onset.

1. The feeding of animals is expressly prohibited
The well being of the animals is important. Hence, all animals are fed appropriate quantities and foodstuffs that are in accordance with the diet for their particular species.

Unauthorised, additional feeding by zoo visitors

  • makes it impossible to maintain a diet suitable for that particular species
  • can often lead to illness or even the death of animals
  • provokes fights between animals
  • disrupts the work routine i.e. bloated animals do not want to return to their sleeping areas at night 
  • increases the risk of injury to visitors feeding animals

2. Within the zoological garden visitors should keep to the foreseen paths and areas.
It is not permitted to walk on the lawns and flowerbeds and plants should not be damaged.  
Plants are also living organisms with high maintenance costs. Leaves, blossoms, bark or fruits of many ornamental plants are poisonous for certain animals and should not be fed to them.

3.  Do not annoy or tease the animals, do not bang on the windows! Many animals rest during the daytime. Do not hold umbrellas or sticks etc within reach of the animals.

4.  Do not climb over the barriers and do not sit your children on enclosure fences! Barriers and enclosure fences are supposed to act as protection against the unexpected reactions of animals.

5.  It is forbidden to throw objects into water bodies and enclosures! Waste, paper and cigarette butts should only be thrown into the bins provided. Animals can choke on waste objects, which they might swallow. Coins are also a danger to animals with the risk of choking..

6.  Bikes, scooters, running bikes, inline skates etc. as well as music devices, balls or ballons may not be used in the zoological garden! Some visitors feel harassed or troubled by these. Jumpy animals might also panic.

7.  Animals may not be brought into the zoological garden!

8.  Children under 7 years and those persons who do not have the required maturity to be able to adhere to the zoo regulations or those who need permanent supervision because of their mental or physical health are only allowed to move around the premises of Zoo Leipzig when accompanied by a responsible adult. Parents, teachers and supervisors must take their role of supervision seriously.

9. Photography and filming are only permitted for private use and in compliance with the privacy rights of visitors and employees.
The film and photographic material may be used for private purposes and includes platforms that are exclusively intended for the exchange of knowledge and for private interest in the field of photography. The commercial use and sale of this material (or parts thereof) in any way is not permitted. This includes data bases and photo stock exchanges on which you can upload your photos commercially with user/licensefees. In such cases Zoo Leipzig GmbH (Ltd) is not responsible for keeping and presenting copyright and data protection regulations, this remains the sole responsibility of the person who has taken the photos and films. Zoo Leipzig GmbH reserves the right to use material with subjects from the zoo for its own commercial or advertising purposes.

10.  Visitors are liable to the Zoo Leipzig GmbH for any damages, which result from negligence of the zoo regulations or any other negligent behaviour on their behalf or by the children for whom they are responsible.

11.  The Zoo Leipzig GmbH is not responsible for any damages to the visitor as a result of not adhering to the zoo regulations.

12.  Instructions of co-workers of the Zoo Leipzig GmbH concerning the maintenance of the zoo or the implementation of the zoo regulations are to be adhered to.

13.  All persons visiting the zoo with an annual ticket who are not participating in the biometric access system, must always show their valid proof of ID at the entrance.
If attempted fraud (i.e. the proof of ID and the person are not the same) should deliberately take place by the visitor on presenting the identity card, then the Zoo Leipzig GmbH is entitled to confiscate the annual ticket immediately. In terms of specific details and information on data protection, Zoo Leipzig GmbH makes reference to the data protection statement on this topic.

14.  Offences against the zoo regulations can be punished by co-workers of the Zoo Leipzig GmbH with a ban from the zoological garden.

Stand: 11.07.2018