Theme worlds

The expedition starts at the crack of dawn: follow the trail of nature through six impressive theme worlds in Zoo Leipzig. Set off on a discovery tour through Founder’s Garden, Gondwanaland, Asia, Pongoland, Africa and South America.

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sloth bear
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A peaceful co-existence with the sloth bears

Things are rather lively in sloth bear ravine where our animals romp around on the grass and climb trees! The bears live together with rhesus macaque monkeys in one of the two large enclosures that are surrounded by artificial rocks and water ditches.

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squirrel monkey island
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A lively ambience in South America

In the South American rainforest there is something going off at all heights. Squirrel monkeys clamber around on an accessible island, while iguanas sunbathe on their favourite branches.

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Cuddly marsupials in the koala house

The koala house is a very special attraction that opened in 2016. The former ape house built in 1901 went through a complex renovation process so that we could keep these koalas. The environment inside the building attempts to resemble the eucalyptus forest found in the koala’s natural habitat. Our solitary koalas have two separate areas.

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