Keeper talks & Feeding times

10:15 am

Elephant bathing with underwater viewing
Elephant temple

elephant standing in the water

11:00 am

Fur sels
Fur seal enclosure

South African fur seal

11:15 am

Rhinos, cheetahs and patas monkeys (Apr-Oct)
Kiwara Kopje

11:30 am

Marmosets (Apr-Oct)
Monkey Isles

Golden lion tamarin

12:00 pm

Snow leopards
High-mountain landscape Himalayas

01:15 pm

Savannah animals
Kiwara Savannah

Flamingos (Apr-Oct)
Flamingo lagoon

Sloth bears (Apr-Oct)
Sloth bear ravine

Pangolins (Nov-March)
Elephant temple, basement

01:30 pm

Apes (outdoors, depending on weather)

02:00 pm

Amur tigers and Amur leopards (one after the other)

Lions or meerkats and hyenas
Lion savannah

Giant otters (Nov-March)

02:15 pm

Pangolins (Apr-Oct)
Elephant temple, basement

Chinese pangolin

02:30 pm

Owl-faced monkeys and Kirk´s dik-dik or Sunda gharials and Komodo dragons

South America (Apr-Oct)
The Pantanal, The Pampas and Patagonia

03:00 pm

Elephant bathing (Apr-Oct)
Elephant temple

Fur seals (only on weekends)
Fur seal enclosure

03:30 pm

Apes (feeding)

Giant otters (Apr-Oct)