Once widespread, targeted as a pest and hunted on an industrial scale for its fur, the common hamster is now critically endangered, mainly as a result of the intensification of agriculture and climate change.


Our project

Project nameSaving the common hamster
Supported speciesCommon hamster  (Cricetus cricetus)
Core taskConservation breeding, research, reinforcement and reintroduction activities
LocationMiddle Germany

Project description:

Since 2021, Zoo Leipzig has been committed to the protection of the common hamster and, together with the Saxon State Ministry for Energy, Climate Protection, Environment and Agriculture, set up a breeding station in 2022. The "Ark for common hamsters" forms the basis for future reinforcement and reintroduction activities that aim to preserve and protect the common hamster in the cultural landscape in Saxony and Middle Germany.

The zoo contributes to a holistic conservation strategy for saving the common hamster with its breeding station and reinforcement and reintroduction activities. It collaborates with its partners in Saxony as part of the working group Kooperativer Feldhamsterschutz (cooperative common hamster conservation).

More at www.hamsterschutz-sachsen.de

Impressions from the hamster conservation project