StudBooks and breeding programs

To ensure the survival of endangered species, zoos from around the world have to work in close cooperation.

In international and regional StudBooks data is collected for over 1,000 animal species worldwide – from tropical snail species to the Asian Elephant.

International cooperation with zoos

As part of this cooperation zoos make decisions about which species individuals should be included in and exchanged for breeding programs. In this way zoos help to ensure that significant genetic diversity remains so as to strengthen captive populations and to ultimately contribute to the survival of that species. One of the cooperating zoos is responsible for keeping the respective StudBook. 

Zoo Leipzig is responsible for:

  • the International StudBooks for tigers (since 1973), maned wolves (since 2010) und Sumatran rhinos (since 2012)
  • the European StudBook for African Dwarf Crocodiles (since 2006)
  • the European Endangered Species Program for White-naped Cranes  (since 2009), Maned Wolves (since 2010) and owl-aced monkeys (since 2013)
  • as well as being involved in conservation breeding programs for more than 80 animal species. 

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