Jungle village

A cosy atmosphere with an African flair

Invite your guests to a BBQ adventure with an African flair in the jungle village.

Here you can enjoy specialities from a BBQ buffet in the summer with up to 100 guests and relax under straw-covered round huts.

African atmosphere

A unique atmosphere awaits you in the warm months of the year between Pongoland and the Okapi forest. Seats are protected from the rain beneath African-style ribbed roofs where you can enjoy a cosy get-together with your guests. Your gastronomic well-being will be catered for by a rustic barbecue buffet under straw-covered round huts.

This location can only be booked in combination with the event package BBQ adventure.


40 to 100 (seated)

Catering partner

Sodexo Services GmbH

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