Festa do Brasil

An evening full of temperament in Hacienda Las Casas

We will meet you and your guests at the zoo entrance and sweep you away on a 90-minute evening tour around the Zoo. Afterwards, you will be greeted in the Hacienda Las Casas with a refreshing caipirinha cocktail (summer time) or with a Quentão (Brazilian mulled wine) in the winter.

Two female Samba dancers in colorful costumes will set the beat for an entertaining evening.

You will be spoilt at the buffet by a selection of Brazilian specialities. While you are eating, a band with entertaining Latin-American music creates a lively atmosphere. Another highlight is when two acrobatic dancers perform the authentic Brazilian Capoeira martial arts dance.


Dates summer

Dates winter


60 to 80


  • Public events: from 99 EUR per person (plus beverages)*


Tickets are for a scheduled date and thus excluded from exchange. When the number of participants is lower than 60, Zoo Leipzig reserves the right to cancel the event without rescheduling. The zoo will inform the client immediately (at the very latest 7 days before the event) and reimburse the customer immediately.

** Subject to availability of the artists.

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