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Pygmy slow lorises are nocturnal prosimians which rarely come down from the trees. During the day they sleep rolled up in dense vegetation, and at night they search for food. Pygmy slow lorises are among the few mammals whose bite is poisonous. A gland under their arm produces a secretion which they lick with their tongue. In combination with saliva this secretion has a poisonous effect. The poison is also licked into the fur of the young, providing effective protection against predators.

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ClassificationOrder primates, family loris; smallest of the three slow loris species
DietBlossoms, leaves, shoots, fruit, tree juices, invertebrates, eggs and smaller vertebrates
HabitatInhabit trees in tropical forests abundantly covered with lower vegetation
ReproductionMating all year round; gestation time: 185–197 days, 1–2 young; sexual maturity at 17–20 months; maximum age: above 17 years

Status according to Red List

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Verbreitungskarte Zwergplumplori