Vietnam is home to a remarkable diversity of species. Many endangered animals and plants are found nowhere else. In Vietnam, we are primarily dedicated to protecting the country's highly endangered primates. For many years, we have been active as a non-governmental organisation and, together with the Vietnamese authorities, run the Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC) - a primate conservation and research centre in the north of the country. We are also committed to the protection and research of the last golden-headed langurs on Cat Ba Island.

Our project

Project nameEndangered Primate Rescue Center – a primate conservation and research centre
Supported speciesHighly endangered primates
Core taskRescue, conservation breeding, research, environmental education and preparation for reintroduction
LocationCuc Phuong National Park in the north of Vietnam

Project description:

In Cuc Phuong National Park in northern Vietnam, we are involved in the Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC) dedicated to the research and long-term protection of some of the rarest primates on earth, such as golden-headed langurs, Delacour's langurs, grey-shanked and red-shanked douc langurs and various gibbon species. The EPRC takes care of confiscated, illegally kept, highly endangered primates since 1993. In addition to rescuing confiscated animals, we focus primarily on breeding and researching some gibbon and langur species with the long-term goal of reintroducing them into habitats where they have been extirpated.

Initially, animal keepers from Leipzig helped to set up the EPRC on their own initiative. Zoo Leipzig has been supporting the centre financially since 2002, and in 2013 it took over its sponsorship.

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Impressions from the Endangered Primate Rescue Center

Our project

Project name

Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP)

Supported speciesCat Ba langurs
Core task

Supporting primate conservation, environmental education and research

LocationCat Ba Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Project description:

Since 2018, we have been supporting the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP), a primate conservation project on Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay. Only about 75 golden-headed langurs still live there, spread across several groups. By supporting the national park rangers, collaborating with forest guards from the local village and deploying our own "Langur Guards" we aim to help protect this critically endangered species. We are also actively involved in local educational projects and conduct a long-term scientific research programme to learn more about this rare primate species and to gain insights to make conservation activities more effective. In 2019, Zoo Leipzig took over the sponsorship of the CBLCP.

Impressions from Halong Bay