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Unlike chimpanzees, bonobos are slimmer with longer limbs and already have a black face colouring as juveniles. Their behaviour is also slightly different from their chimpanzee relatives. Bonobos prefer the trees to the ground and their groups are matriarchal. Sexual contact (also between animals of the same sex) is often used to reduce tension.

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ClassificationOrder: primates, family: great apes
DietFruits, leaves, herbs, pulp, husks, bark, flowers, insects and small vertebrates
HabitatLowland rainforests and swamp forests close to rivers in Central Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo), south of the Congo river
ReproductionGestation period: 227–277 days, one offspring; weaning after two years; sexually mature at 7–9 years; maximum age: 56 years

Status according to Red List

More information you will get on the web page of the IUCN Red List.

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