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Oriental small-clawed otters are the smallest of the world’s 13 species of otter. Like all otters they are skilful swimmers, but they can also move in an agile way on land. In the water their powerful tail acts as a rudder while their back legs drive them forward. While hunting for mussels in shallow water they probe the ground with their sensitive paws and then easily crack the hard shells with their powerful jaws. In contrast to many other types of otter, oriental smallclawed otters are social animals and live in family groups of up to 12 members which have their own established territory.


ClassificationOrder predators, family martens, subfamily otters
DietMussels, snails, worms, crustaceans, and rarely fish
HabitatRiver embankments, lakes or ocean shores abundantly covered with vegetation as well as flooded rice fields
ReproductionGestation time: around 62 days, 1–7 young; weight at birth 50–60 grams; sexual maturity at 1–2 years; maximum age: above 21 years

Status according to Red List

More information you will get on the web page of the IUCN Red List.

Verbreitung Zwergplumplori