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Chimpanzees live in the forests of central Africa in large families ranging from 20 to 100 individuals. They feed on ripe fruit, leaves, herbs, buds, seeds, ants and termites. Sometimes adults succeed in killing other mammals and their prey is known to include black-and- white colobus monkeys. Their ability to use tools is astounding. For example, chimpanzees will use sticks to ‘fish’ for termites, pushing the sticks into the termite mound and then licking off the insects as they are forced to climb up the stick.

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ClassificationOrder: primates, family: hominids / great apes
DietFruits, bark, blossoms, seeds, insects, rodents, birds, bushbucks and other primates such as colobus monkeys
HabitatLowland and montane rainforests, dry forests, bush savannah and grasslands; also close to human settlements
ReproductionGestation period: 203–244 days, one off spring; suckling period: at least two years; sexual maturity at 6–7 years; maximum life span: 60 years

Status according to Red List

More information you will get on the web page of the IUCN Red List.

Verbreitung Westafrikanischer Schimpanse