Vision and concept

Zoodirektor Jörg Junhold

We incorporate the three main pillars of WAZA’s Conservation Strategy

Along with other zoos we are committed to the global conservation of endangered species: the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy describes the values adopted by zoos to contribute to the conservation of species. As ‘windows of nature’ zoos play an important role in informing visitors about the conservation of plants and animals. 


Zoos reach over 700 million visitors all over the world every year. They help to establish an emotional connection between humans and animals and thus help to convey the message about nature and species conservation. Animals in zoos are effectively messengers for their counterparts living in the wild.


Our forward-thinking vision

Our forward-thinking vision serves as a general orientation for all employees in their daily work and on the path to the future. It defines the basic conditions and principles, on which actions and decisions are based.


Our actions are determined by the responsibility that we have for the lives of the animals entrusted to our care. Our aim is to make all visitors more aware about the protection and conservation of natural habitats – also for future generations. 

Tradition and the future

We are the leading, traditional culture and leisure facility in the City of Leipzig and are proud of our national reputation. An experience-oriented zoo is being created that is close to nature while enabling visitors to learn about animals and their habitats using all of their senses.


We regard our visitors as clients that ensure the future of our zoo. We see ourselves as a "service provider" with the goal of meeting the desires and needs of our visitors. It is our obligation to see that our visitors are satisfied.


We actively work on species and nature conservation, science and education. We would like our visitors to be inspired by our work while enabling them to experience both active and passive recreational activities. 

Our organisation and its employees

We regard our employees as the most important basis for success. A high level of transparency and open communication shape our work ethics, creating mutual trust among colleagues. A clear structure of responsibilities enables tasks to be accomplished efficiently. We are motivated by job satisfaction, which increases our work performance and guarantees a constant increase in the attractiveness and the recreational value of our zoo.