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Go on a safari of the senses

In the Kiwara Lodge you can indulge in African specialities while enjoying a spectacular view of the Savannah. The inside of the Kiwara Lodge (incl. the lounge area) has seating for around 120 persons. The covered terrace enables you to enjoy the sunset in Zoo Leipzig practically all the year round. We would be happy to come up with a tailor-made offer for you for a particular theme with African artists. An evening event package can be booked from a minimum of 50 participants.

  • Kiwara-Lodge Abendstimmung Eingangsbereich mit Buffet
  • Kiwara-Lodge bei Sonnenuntergang
  • Kiwara-Lodge Buffet
  • Kiwara-Lodge Buffet
  • Kiwara-Lodge Buffet
  • Kiwara-Lodge Innenbereich
  • Kiwara-Lodge Innenbereich Statue
  • Kiwara-Lodge Lounge-Bereich nachts
  • Kiwara-Lodge Außenansicht
  • Kiwara-Lodge Blick auf die Kiwara-Savanne
  • Kiwara-Lodge Buffet
  • Kiwara-Lodge Regenbogen
  • Kiwara-Lodge Außenansicht

Kiwara-Lodge Erlebniswelt: Afrika


Marché Mövenpick Deutschland GmbH

Restaurant Up to 120 persons

Covered terrace outside

Up to 250 persons

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0341 5933-377
Fax: 0341 5933-303


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