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Enjoy ‘elephantastic’ hours

The Asian pagoda at the elephant temple Ganesha Mandir is a popular venue for exclusive summer events in smaller groups. After the zoo has closed you can finish off a meeting nicely in a relaxed atmosphere or celebrate a birthday with the family. The pagoda provides a fantastic view of the elephant bathing pool. Enjoy warm summer evenings and treat yourself to the Asian specialities from the buffet.
This venue can only be booked in combination with the package ´Asian summer night´.

  • Asiatische Pagode
  • Asiatische Sommernacht Pagode Bestuhlung
  • Asiatische Sommernacht Tisch eingedeckt
  • Freitreppe am Elefantengehege
  • Pagode
  • Pagode
  • Pagode
  • Pagode gedeckt

Asian pagoda


Marché Restaurants Deutschland

Capacity min./max
Seating  25-30 persons

For enquiries and reservations:


0341 5933-377
Fax: 0341 5933-303


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