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Exotic evening events

Whether it is dinner with a view of the Savannah or a South American flamenco show – if you want to celebrate an evening with your family, friends, clients, colleagues or partners, you can do so with us after the zoo’s official closing time. We offer individual evening events to suit every occasion. Alternatively, you can simply take advantage of one of our all-inclusive theme packages. 

Hakuna Matata

  • Kiwara Lodge Band
  • Kiwara Lodge Buffet
  • Kiwara Lodge Inflammati 1
  • Kiwara Lodge Inflammati 2
  • Kiwara Lodge Inflammati 3
  • Kiwara Lodge Tanzeinlage 1
  • Kiwara Lodge Tanzeinlage 2
  • Kiwara Lodge Bestuhlung

Hakuna Matata – Africa so close

On arrival at the Kiwara Lodge you will be greeted by the authentic sound of drum beats and a refreshing welcome drink made from the fruit of the marula tree. Exotic fruits and spices and traditional African culinary delights will sweep you away into the fascinating world of Africa. A live band* will accompany you with the sound of African beats for the evening. While you are enjoying your dessert, our traditionally painted African dancers* are sure to captivate you.


60 to 200 persons


from 60 persons: 109 Euros per person (plus beverages)

*Subject to availability of the artists

Festa do Brasil

  • Hacienda Bestuhlung

Festa do Brasil

You and your guests will receive a very warm welcome at the Zoo entrance from which point we will sweep you away on a 90-minute evening tour around the Zoo. Afterwards, you will be greeted in the Hacienda Las Casas with a refreshing caipirinha cocktail or in true Brazilian style with a Quentão (Brazilian mulled wine) in the colder months. Awaiting you are also two Brazilian dancers in exotic costumes, dancing to passionate samba beats to put the guests in the right mood for the evening. You will be spoilt at the buffet by a selection of Brazilian specialities such as the national dish Feijoada. While you are eating, a band with entertaining Latin-American music will provide for a lively atmosphere. Another highlight comes when two acrobatic dancers perform the authentic Brazilian Capoeira martial arts dance.


60 to 80 persons


from 60 persons: 105 Euros per person (plus beverages)
* Subject to availability of the artists 

Asian summer nights

  • Asiatische Sommernacht Pagode
  • Asiatin mit Drink
  • Cocktailempfang Asiatische Pagode
  • Asiatische Pagode Buffet 1
  • Asiatische Sommernacht Pagode 2
  • Asiatische Sommernacht Pagode Stimmung
  • Asiatische Sommernacht Pflegergespräch

Asian summer nights – pagoda at the elephant temple

At the entrance to the theme and animal world of Asia before the Buddha statue you will be welcomed with a Mai Thai cocktail by one of our elephant keepers. The keeper will take you into the realm of the elephants: the elephant temple Ganesha Mandir that was reopened in 2006. After that you can take a seat with your guests under the covered but open-air Asian pagoda. While you listen to the sound of the waterfall you can enjoy the spectacular view of the elephant enclosure with its bathing pool. You will also be able to indulge in Far East cuisine. Flooded with new Asian impressions you will be able to exit the zoo in the night hours through the night gate. 


25 to 30 persons


119 Euros per person (including beverages)

Please note: Due to weather conditions this package can only be booked from May to September. Although the pagoda protects you from the rain it is open from the sides and therefore not sheltered from the wind. Backup options are not available. Due to animal husbandry it is sometimes the case that the elephants have been taken to their indoor pens where it is not possible to see them. 

BBQ’s in the jungle village

  • Grillabenteuer Urwalddorf Bestuhlung
  • Grillabenteuer Urwalddorf Buffet
  • Grillabenteuer Urwalddorf Feuerschale
  • Grillabenteuer Urwalddorf Koraspieler

BBQ’s – African flair in the jungle village

First our zoo guides will take you on an evening tour of the zoo. In the African jungle village  you will be greeted with a welcome drink and a rustic barbecue awaits you. There you will be seated protected from the rain under ribbed roofs between moss-covered straw huts. You will be accompanied for the entire evening by a musician* playing a traditional West African kora. On request you can finish off your barbecue with an Arabian coffee speciality or a Shisha water pipe.


40 to 100 persons


from 40 persons: 75 Euros per person (plus beverages)
* Subject to availability of the artists. Due to weather conditions this package is only available from May to September.

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