Visit a continent full of adventure

At the restaurant Hacienda Las Casas (a true to original restored Art Nouveau building) you will set off on your expedition through the quaint South of South America. Here you will experience the wild landscapes of the Pantanal, the Pampas and Patagonia as well as the flamingo lagoon with its numerous animal species.


Horst, Sancho, Flax and Krümel – these are the names of the four male llamas in the herd that will greet you at the entrance to the theme world South America. As our long-serving marketing llama, Horst is the uncontested leader of this foursome.

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The Pantanal, the Pampas and Patagonia

In Gondwanaland you get an impression of tropical South America, whereas here you can wander through the South of the continent. Discover the landscapes: the Pampas, the Pantanal and Patagonia! Here you will come across giant anteaters, maned wolves, guanacos, lesser rheas and the rare Chacoan peccaries. Look forward to the completion of Tierra del Fuego over the next few years that will complete this theme world.

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A gabbling gathering in pale pink

A long wooden walkway will take you through the 1500 m² flamingo lagoon, which is covered by a gigantic net that is 10m off the ground. The lagoon is home to some 140 flamingos in cohabitation with spoonbills, ibises and various duck species.

Keeper talks

Snow leopards, red pandas: every day 12:00 PM

„El Dorado“ – Playground for little discoverers"

Enjoy hot Latin American cuisine in the restaurant Hacienda Las Casas where you can be served at your seats, while the little ones conquer the adventure playground „El Dorado“. The ten-meter long Amazon steamer and the Guinea pig pen are among the highlights of this enclosure.


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Fun and games in the animal nursery

Watch the kids’ eyes light up! In the animal nursery you can get really close to our farm animals. The dwarf goats in particular like to be stroked. There are also dwarf pigs, geese, donkeys and other animals waiting to be discovered.

Right next to it there is an enticing gold panning area. For a small fee, you can hire a panning tray to sieve the gold nuggets out of the sand. The „gold“ that you find can then be traded in for a zoo souvenir.

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