Go for a walk through
Founder’s Garden

GG Eingangsportal

Through the old zoo gate (our main entrance) you will step right into the historical part of our zoo. You will see the handwriting of Ernst Pinkert, who laid the first stone of our zoological garden back in 1878.

As part of this historical complex you will find the Explorers’ House Ark, the Koala house and the Terrarium.

Cuddly marsupials in the koala house

The koala house is a very special attraction that opened in 2016; as very few German zoos keep these Australian animals. The former ape house built in 1901 has gone through a complex renovation for this purpose. Inside the building there is a eucalyptus forest copied from a natural environment. Here, the solitary Koalas have two separate areas.

© Jonas Verhulst

An oasis for budgerigars

Directly opposite the koala house you can come into close contact with a flock of lively budgerigars! A path takes you straight through the aviary of these social Australian parrots.

Arche innen

Discover things in the Explorer’s House Ark

You will find the Explorer’s House Ark in the historical carnivore house that was also referred to in the past as "Leipzig’s lion factory", which is no coincidence given that 2,300 big cats were bred here over 100 years. Today visitors go into the Ark on a safari of the senses: in an interactive exhibition you can learn more about our role as a modern zoo. You can also see, smell, touch and listen to animals and plants from Asia, Africa and South America.