Roam the endless plains of Africa

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Off to Africa for a couple of hours? Zoo Leipzig can make your dream come true! In a spacious landscape setting zebras, giraffes, ostriches and other species co-occur peacefully as if they were living in the wild. From various viewpoints our visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of these Savannah species. Our big cat enclosures are situated right next to them. In fact, only a ditch separates spotted hyenas from their prey. This is also the territory of lions and meerkats.

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Thick skins and horns in the Kiwara-Kopje

Since spring 2015, the black rhinos are located in an attractive new enclosure that resembles an African landscape with an outcrop of rocks, known as a “Kopje” that is situated directly next to the Kiwara Savannah. In addition to modern stables, the pachyderms can make use of a total area of ca. 6,000 m² with three outdoor enclosures that include mud pools and special areas for getting into the water. In the southern part of the outdoor enclosure, the rhinos enjoy cohabitation with cheetahs. The northern part of the outdoor enclosure will have smaller inhabitants of the Kiwara Savannah, so that exciting interactions can also be observed between these different animal species.

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On safari in the Kiwara Savannah

Biodiversity as far as you can see! On our 25,000 m2 Kiwara Savannah different African animal species share one habitat. While Rothschild giraffes chew the leaves off branches, Grevy’s zebras gallop over the lush green plains past ostriches, oryx, Thomson’s gazelles and dwarf flamingos. And the visitors? They prefer to sit on the terrace of our Kiwara Lodge and enjoy the panoramic view of theSavannah landscape. 

Keeper talks

Savannah animals: every day 01:15 PM

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Wild activity among the carnivores 

Roooar… is what you might hear as you walk past the lions in Makasi Simba. On cold days the animals often retreat to their cave, where our visitors are fortunate enough to be able to watch them through a full-length glass screen. Just around the corner is meerkat territory: while some are usually on guard, others are busy digging or sunbathing. Continue walking to the spotted hyena rocks.  If you can hear ‘laughing hyenas’, then you can be sure that our spotted hyenas are looking forward to your visit.

Keeper talks

Lions or meerkats and hyenas: every day 02:00 PM

An unusual kind of gracefulness in the okapi forest

Keep your eyes peeled, if you want to spot our okapis: like in the wild these forest giraffes live very recluse lives – but with a bit of luck you might see one peeping out between the trees. These animals are threatened with extinction and are also very rare in zoos. We are therefore particularly proud to give these majestic animals a home at Zoo Leipzig, which they share with red duikers. Just around the corner from the okapis you can see cranes, musk deer and Eld’s deer. 


Wet fun with fur seals

Splash! In the pools of their outdoor enclosure the South African fur seals feel perfectly at home. Through an underwater glass panel you are able to watch these playful and acrobatic swimmers. Don’t miss out on the training session with their keepers!

Hop off to Australia

Go „Down Under“ by taking a small side path that turns off from the main path to the walk-in Australia enclosure. Here you will encounter Red-necked wallabies, native animal species from the smallest of the continents, which has unique fauna due to its isolated position.