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Yellow anaconda +

Eunectes notaeus

Themenwelt: Gründer-Garten
  • Yellow anaconda
  • Yellow anaconda

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Did you know?

The yellow anaconda still has remnants of its pelvic girdle and hind legs. This is living proof that snakes have evolved from four-legged lizards. The pelvic girdle comprises of three small bone segments as well as a small movable thigh and ankle bone that has dewclaws on the end. These are used by the males to stimulate the females during reproduction. Status according to Red List: Not Evaluated


Order: scaled reptiles; family: boas


Mammals, birds, fish and reptiles


Flooded forests, swamps and banks of water bodies rich in vegetation in South America


Viviparous; 20–40 young; gestation period 6–8 months

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Not evaluated (NE)

Status according to Red List:Not evaluated (NE)

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