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Sunda gharial +

Tomistoma schlegelii

Themenwelt: Gondwanaland
  • False gavial
  • False gavial
  • False gavial
  • False gavial
  • False gavial
  • False gavial
  • False gavial

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Did you know?

The Sunda gharials can reach a maximum length of 5 to 6 metres and belong to the largest crocodiles.Despite their long and thin snouts they are not genuine gharials which resulted in their second name false gharial. Like with all crocodiles, the sex of the Sunda gharial is not determined but dependent on the temperature inside the breeding hill.


Order crocodiles, family genuine crocodiles


Predominantly fish, but also amphibians, reptiles, birds and smaller mammals


Lakes and rivers in swampland forests


Egg deposition in nest hills; 20–60 eggs; incubation: 72–90 days; sexual maturity at 5–8 years; maximum age: above 70 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Vulnerable (VU)

Status according to Red List:Vulnerable (VU)

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