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Scimitar-horned oryx +

Oryx dammah

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • Scimitar-horned oryx
  • Scimitar-horned oryx
  • Scimitar-horned oryx
  • Scimitar-horned oryx
  • Scimitar-horned oryx

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Scimitar-horned oryx are diurnal and active at dusk and dawn. They live socially in groups of 3 to 20 animals. The overhunting of this species led to their extinction in the wild at the end of the 1990’s. Due to a oordinated breeding program with the remaining individuals in captivity, the population of scimitar-horned oryx was able to recover and they were reintroduced into safe refuges in Tunisia, Senegal and Morocco.


Order: even-toed ungulates, family: bovidae, subfamily: hippotraginae


Grasses, herbs, leaves, roots, fleshy fruits such as melons, tubers and bulbs


Semi-deserts, deserts and dry steppes on the southern edge of the Sahara


Gestation period: 242–256 days, a single offspring; suckling period: ca. 8 months; sexual maturity at 2 years; maximum age: over 27 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Extinct in the wild (EW)

Status according to Red List:Extinct in the wild (EW)

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