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Red forest duiker +

Cephalophus natalensis

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • Red forest duiker
  • Red forest duiker
  • Red forest duiker
  • Red forest duiker
  • Red forest duiker

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Did you know?

Red forest duikers live solitary or in pairs in territories with fixed changes. They mark their territory with a substance secreted from their very distinguished facial scent glands, which they also use to greet one another. Duikers got their names from their behaviour of ducking down in dense vegetation when faced with danger. If they are discovered, they rush into the next thicket. Both sexes have horns.


Order: even-toed ungulates, family: bovidae, subfamily: duikers


Leaves, buds, shoots, herbs, blossoms, grasses, fruits, seeds, eggs, invertebrates and small vertebrates


Forests and shrublands with dense undergrowth


Mating all year round; gestation period: 7–8 months, one fawn; suckling period: 4–5 months; sexually mature at 11–14 months; maximum age: over 15 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Least concern (LC)

Status according to Red List:Least concern (LC)

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