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Red-billed leiothrix +

Leiothrix lutea

  • Red-billed leiothrix
  • Red-billed leiothrix
  • Red-billed leiothrix

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Did you know?

Red-billed leiothrix can be found in forests, scrublands and areas with tall grasses in the Himalayas and the South of China. These talented song birds are often kept as cage birds in China. They live in noisy groups and feed on insects, worms, snails, small vertebrates, berries and fruits. They lay 3–4 eggs with brooding lasting 13–14 days. The red-billed leiothrix is sometimes also called the Peking nightingale.

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Least concern (LC)

Status according to Red List:Least concern (LC)

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