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Pygmy slow loris +

Nycticebus pygmaeus

Themenwelt: Gondwanaland
  • Pygmy slow loris
  • Pygmy slow loris
  • Pygmy slow loris
  • Pygmy slow loris
  • Pygmy slow loris
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Did you know?

Slow loris are one of the few mammal species that are poisonous. They produce a secretion in their arm glands that is absorbed with their tongues. In combination with the saliva, the secretion as well as the bite of a pygmy slow loris becomes toxic. Mothers also rub in their young with this poison protecting them effectively against enemies. Status according to Red List: vulnerable


Order primates, family loris; smallest of the three slow loris species


Blossoms, leaves, shoots, fruit, tree juices, invertebrates, eggs and smaller vertebrates


Inhabit trees in tropical forests abundantly covered with lower vegetation


Mating all year round; gestation time: 185–197 days, 1–2 young; sexual maturity at 17–20 months; maximum age: above 17 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Vulnerable (VU)

Status according to Red List:Vulnerable (VU)

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