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Nile lechwe +

Kobus megaceros

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • Nile lechwe
  • Nile lechwe
  • Nile lechwe

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Did you know?

Around 1980 there were at least 30,000 Nile lechwes still living along the White Nile. Due to hunting and increased competition from grazing animals, the population has declined dramatically in the meantime and there are now less than 5,000 individuals according to estimates. The species is therefore classed as


Order: even-toed ungulates, Genus: Kobus


Grasses and aquatic plants


Swampy floodplains along the White Nile in Southern Sudan (the Sudd region)


Mating in spring (all year round in captivity); gestation period: ca. 235 days, one offspring; suckling
period: 6–8 months; sexual maturity at 2 years; maximum life span: ca. 20 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Endangered (EN)

Status according to Red List:Endangered (EN)

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