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Caiman lizard +

Dracaena guianensis

Themenwelt: Gründer-Garten
  • Caiman lizard
  • Caiman lizard
  • Caiman lizard
  • Caiman lizard
  • Caiman lizard
  • Caiman lizard

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Did you know?

Fully grown caiman lizards can reach lengths of up to 120 cm. This qualifies them as some of the largest arboreal lizards in South America. Their scales are an olive green to dark brown colour. They have rather bulky bodies and can weigh up to three kilograms. Status according to Red List: Not Evaluated


Order: scaled reptiles; family: teiids


Predominantly water snails, but also insects, worms and crustaceans


Swampy areas of the Amazon


Lays an average of 6 eggs; incubation ca. 130 –160 days

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Not evaluated (NE)

Status according to Red List:Not evaluated (NE)

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