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Kowari +

Dasyuroides byrnei

Themenwelt: Gondwanaland
  • Kowari
  • Kowari

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Did you know?

Kowaris are predominantly nightative and live in dens. They show an active social behaviour, i.e. they lick each other and carry out ritualised fights. The young stay inside the pouch for 78 days and are carried on their parents’ backs afterwards. Status according to Red List: vulnerable


Marsupians, order marsupians and relatives, family marsupial carnivores, subfamily quolls


Insects, spiders and smaller vertebrates


Dry grasslands


Gestation time: 30–36 days; 2–6 young; maximum age: 8 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Vulnerable (VU)

Status according to Red List:Vulnerable (VU)

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