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Kirk’s dik-dik +

Madoqua kirkii

Themenwelt: Gondwanaland
  • Kirk’s dik-dik
  • Kirk’s dik-dik

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Did you know?

Kirk’s dik-diks are 30 cm tall and weigh 6 kg. They are one of the world’s smallest antelopes. They live ogether in pairs in designated territories that are defended by the male. Their characteristic is the extended snout with enlarged nasal passages in which they cool their blood. This provides effective heat protection.
Status according to Red List: least concern


Order even-toed ungulates, family bovids, subfamily pygmy antilopes


Leaves, buds, shoots, herbs and fruit


Savannahs and stony hilly areas up to 3,000 metres


Mating season all year round; gestation time: 168–175 days, 1 young; sexual maturity with 6–12 months; maximum age: above 16 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Least concern (LC)

Status according to Red List:Least concern (LC)

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