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Agkistrodon contortrix

Themenwelt: Gründer-Garten
  • Copperhead
  • Copperhead
  • Copperhead
  • Copperhead
  • Copperhead
  • Copperhead

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Did you know?

Northern copperheads have special pit organs, which they use to detect differences in temperature. These organs are very visible on each side of the head between the eye and the nostril. The tip of the tail of the Northern Copperhead has a striking colour and is used to imitate a worm e.g. to attract birds.
Status according to Red List: Least Concern


Order: scaled reptiles; family: vipers


Rodents and birds


Predominantly forests, wet grasslands and mountain regions up to 1,000 m


Gives birth to a litter of 8–12 individuals.

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Least concern (LC)

Status according to Red List:Least concern (LC)

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