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Chilean flamingo +

Phoenicopterus chilensis

Themenwelt: Südamerika
  • Chilean flamingo
  • Chilean flamingo
  • Chilean flamingo
  • Chilean flamingo

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Did you know?

Comb-like structures in the bill enable the flamingos to filter food from the bottom of the water or from the mudflats, using their legs to disturb the sediment from the bed of the water. In this species of flamingos, males and females look alike and both incubate the egg. The chicks are fed a red-coloured nutritious milk-like substance that gets its colour from a blood ratio of 1 %.


Order: flamingos; family: flamingos


Aquatic insects, small crustaceans and molluscs


Alkaline or saline lakes, shallow water bodies, lagoons; in the Andes up to elevations of 4,000 m


1 egg; incubation: 28–32 days; sexually mature at 4–6 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Near threatened (NT)

Status according to Red List:Near threatened (NT)

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