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Cape porcupine +

Hystrix africaeaustralis

Themenwelt: Afrika
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Did you know?

Porcupine spines can be over half a meter long. When disturbed, porcupines ruffle up their spines, making themselves look twice their size. The tail spines are hollow. When rubbed against each other, they produce a discouraging, rattling sound. If the predator still approaches, the porcupine will turn its posterior and ram its spines into the predator.


Order: rodents (rodentia); Family: old world porcupines (hystricidae)


Lowlands and tropical mountain forests, steppes, semi-dry deserts, cultivated landscapes and plantations


Gestation period: 93–105 days, on average one litter per year, 1–3 offspring


In addition to tubers, roots, shoots, fruit and insects, they also gnaw on bones.

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Least concern (LC)

Status according to Red List:Least concern (LC)

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