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Cameroon sheep +

Ovis ammon f. aries

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • Cameroon sheep
  • Cameroon sheep
  • Cameroon sheep

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Did you know?

This small breed of sheep was originally bred in West Africa for meat production, but has since been domesticated in Europe. Because these sheep do not have to be shorn, they are also used as grazers or kept as companions. They have thick, tight hair that is enhanced by an extra undercoat in the winter, which is automatically lost in the spring. The females do not have any horns, whereas the rams have spiral horns, a mane and throat ruff.


Order: even-toed ungulates, family: bovids; African sheep breed


Grasses and leave


Originally bred in West Africa


Gestation period: 147–150 days, 1–2 offspring;
weaning: 3–5 months

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