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Australian lungfish +

Neoceratodus forsteri

Themenwelt: Gondwanaland
  • Australian lungfish
  • Australian lungfish

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Did you know?

In contrast to the African and the South American lungfish, the Australian lungfish only have one bag-like lung. As they cannot dig themselves into mud during dry periods or wander over land, they are not able to survive the drying up of their habitat. Status according to Red List: not evaluated


Australian lungfish and relatives, family Australian lungfish, only species


Aquatic snails, crustaceans, worms, fishes and plants


Stagnant and lotic waters with intensive plant growth


Eggs are laid inside spawn lumps on plants; hatchlings after 21 – 30 days; maximum age: 60 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Not evaluated (NE)

Status according to Red List:Not evaluated (NE)

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