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Ansell´s mole-rat +

Fukomys anselli

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • Ansells mole-rat
  • Ansells mole-rat
  • Ansells mole-rat
  • Ansells mole-rat

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Did you know?

Mole rats dig elaborate burrow systems. They are adapted to life underground with their protruding incisors that are used for digging, their robust bodies and their greatly reduced eyes and ears. Like some insects (i.e. bees and termites) mole rats are considered to be eusocial, whereby division of labour and pronounced communication is characterized by olfactory cues. Status according to Red List: near threatened


Order: rodents, family: blesmols (burrowing rodents)


Roots, tubers, herbs, grasses and grass roots


Dry steppes and savannahs with sandy soils


Breeding all year round; gestation period: 59–66 days, 2–4 young; birth weight: 8–10 grams; only the highest-ranking female (the queen) is reproductively active

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Near threatened (NT)

Status according to Red List:Near threatened (NT)

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