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Panthera leo

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • African lion
  • African lion
  • African lion
  • African lion
  • African lion

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Did you know?

African lions are the only social cats and live in a pride, which usually consists of 1–3 related males and up to 10 females and their cubs. While the lionesses hunt and take care of the offspring, the males defend the pride. The males’ remarkable manes protect them during fights and act as a status symbol to attract the females. Males with larger and darker manes are preferred. The lion’s roar can be heard for over 5 km.
Status according to Red List: Vulnerable (VU)


Order: carnivores, family: felids


Large ungulates such as gnus, zebras, antelopes and buffalo as well as smaller mammals


Steppes, bush forests and savannahs of sub-Saharan Africa


Mating occurs all year round; gestation: 108–115 days, litter: 3-4 cubs; related females usually remain together, whereas males are ousted from the pride at the age of 2–3; maximum age: 20 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Vulnerable (VU)

Status according to Red List:Vulnerable (VU)

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