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African crowned crane +

Balearica regulorum

Themenwelt: Afrika
  • African crowned crane
  • African crowned crane
  • African crowned crane
  • African crowned crane

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Did you know?

The breeding display of the African crowned crane involves dancing and jumping. Because African crowned cranes are eager hunters of grasshoppers, tame individuals are often kept on farms and in gardens. In their hunt for grasshoppers they stamp their feet on the ground to flush out insects. Contrary to most other crane
species they have a long hind toe that can grasp the branches of bushes or trees.


Order: Gruiformes, family: cranes


Insects, amphibians, reptiles, seeds, grasses and cereal crops


Open grasslands close to water, marshes, silt areas of lakes and cultivated areas


Incubation: 28–31 days, clutch of 3–4 eggs; chicks fly at 10–12 weeks; sexual maturity at 3–5 years; maximum age: over 40 years

Status according to Red List/ distribution area

Endangered (EN)

Status according to Red List:Endangered (EN)

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