Asian summer nights

Fascinating hours in the pagoda at the elephant temple

At the entrance to the theme world of Asia at the feet of the Buddha statue you will be welcomed with a Mai Thai cocktail by one of our elephant keepers. He will take you into his realm: the elephant temple Ganesha Mandir that was reopened in 2006.

After that you can take a seat with your guests under the covered but open-air Asian pagoda.

While you listen to the sound of the waterfall you can enjoy the spectacular view of the elephant enclosure with its bathing pool. With this backdrop you can indulge in Far East cuisine and enjoy a fascinating evening. Filled with new Asian impressions you can exit the zoo in the night hours through the night gate.



New dates will follow.


25 to 30


125 EUR per person (including beverages)*

Please note: Due to weather conditions this package can only be booked in the summer months. Although the pagoda protects you from the rain it is open from the sides and therefore not sheltered from the wind. Alternative options are not available. Due to animal husbandry it is sometimes the case that the elephants have been taken to their indoor pens where it is not possible to see them.


*Tickets are for a scheduled date and thus excluded from exchange. When the number of participants is lower than 25, Zoo Leipzig reserves the right to cancel the event without rescheduling. The zoo will inform the client immediately (at the very latest 7 days before the event) and reimburse the customer immediately.

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