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Wrinkled hornbills breed high up in tree hollows. After their nest had been prepared and eggs have been laid, the female is walled in the hollow with a sludge made of mud, wood, food and faeces. The male gets the building material. Finally, only a small gap is left through which the female and the young are being fed. When the young have fledged, that wall is broken down.

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ClassificationOrder coraciformes, family bucerotidae
DietMainly fruit, insects and small invertebrates
HabitatEvergreen lowland forests and swampland coastal forests
ReproductionMating period: December–February; 2–3 eggs; breeding time: 29–30 days; hatchling time: 60–76 days; maximum age: above 21 years

Status according to Red List

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Verbreitung Runzelhornvogel