Did you know?

Silvery marmosets live together in family groups in which only the dominant parent pair reproduces. The ovulation of the other females is suppressed. Since the mothers have a high energy demand and need to ingest a lot, they pass on the care for their young to their fathers or other group members after just a few days. The young are carried on the backs of other adult marmosets. Status according to Red List: vulnerable


ClassificationOrder primates, family marmosets
DietWith their specially-developed set of teeth they nibble tree bark in an aim to get to the tree juices; as well as fruit, leaves and insects
HabitatCanopy of tropical and subtropical forests, predominantly dense secondary forests
ReproductionGestation time: about 145 days, twins; birth weight: 26–28 g; sexual maturity with 14–18 months; maximum age: above 16 years

Status according to Red List

More information you will get on the web page of the IUCN Red List.

Verbreitung Silberäffchen