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Black-tailed prairie dogs inhabit the extensive grasslands of North America. Their colonies can comprise of several hundred individuals that are subdivided into smaller social groups living together in a burrow. They use a trick for the air circulation in these underground tunnels: they make one flat tunnel entrance and one conical tunnel entrance. This small height difference creates a flow of air through the burrow, enabling a sufficient supply of oxygen. In the past prairie dogs were renowned for destroying the crops of farmers and therefore hunted extensively. Hence, their numbers and distribution area shrank significantly.


ClassificationOrder: rodents; family: squirrels; There are 5 species of prairie dogs in total.
DietHerbivores: grasses, roots, fruits and vegetables
HabitatGrassland habitats up to elevations of 2,000 m from the Southwest of Canada to the North of Mexico.
ReproductionGestation period: 34 days; 1–8 offspring ; maximum age: 11 years

Status according to Red List

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Verbreitung Schwarzschwanz-Präriehund